Beautiful of mountain Hong Kong

The whole Tai Mo Shan mountain range, known as Guan Fu Mountain (官富山, named after the salt field Kwun Fu Cheung (官富場) in present-day Kowloon Bay) in Ming and Qing dynasties, covers over 350 square km, and stretches from Tai Lam Chung Reservoir in the West near Tuen Mun and Ma On Shan in the east and the mountains of Kowloon and Clear Water Bay in the south. Two other significant coastal […]

What mountains for hiking in Hong Kong ?


Discover a new side to the city’s iconic sceneries and landscapes while you explore the scenic hiking trails of Hong Kong! Fresh air and the great outdoors is always a good idea when we need a change of perspective! Experience another side of Hong Kong’s beauty from what we’re used to on exciting trips through […]